Ski Resort Stickers

The curious hobby of collecting stickers from ski resorts and WTF to do with them!?

Stickers, Or it never happened!

If you’re like me, you relish the opportunity to visit a new ski area (or 10) every season. Trying out new terrain, exploring new trails and experiencing new ski towns are what makes the ski travel experience so special. Just about every ski area you’ll come across seems to have some kind of gift shop and most of them, at least in America, all sell one thing in common, STICKERS! 

For me, a day at a new ski resort is not complete without a stop at the gift store for a handful of stickers, and while I’ve been able to collect my fair share over the years through my travels, my quandary has always been “what to do with them!?”

My snowboarder friends have an easy answer: Put them on a snowboard!

An experienced snowboarder will wear out, or at least grow tired of a snowboard every 2 or 3 years and when it’s time to retire the old one, so it goes with the tales of where it has been. Placing a sticker from each resort you’ve ridden on that board is a cool way to display the souvenir stickers in a meaningful and lasting way. Problem is, I’m a skier and stickers just don’t look the same on skis, neither do they usually have enough surface area.

So where do they go? What to do with a growing pile of ski area stickers?

A funny observation at some ski areas is that stickers from rival ski areas end up on the lift towers, especially on older lifts where it is easier to reach and the lift is slower.

Between putting stickers on lift poles, water bottles, cars, box tops, snowboards, maybe even a garage fridge, I’ve seen some pretty creative places to put those well earned resort stickers. But none of them work for me. 

Do you collect stickers? If so, where do you put them? I need some advice, because my collection is getting a little out of hand and it makes no sense for them to be sitting around collecting dust. 

*Photos by Jake Galberth, & Snow Life LLC

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