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One Life To Ski is the passion project of ski traveler Zack Phelan. This site is my outlet to the world to share my skiing adventures from around the globe and pass on some of what I have learned and experienced in the hopes that it will inspire others to embark on some ski adventures of their own.

One Life To Ski is a part of the Snow Life Network of websites. Snow Life LLC is the umbrella company for a rad collection of web pages including Savage Snow Memes and Ski Town Low Down.

Photo by: GB from BC

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Qualifications and Experience:

I find it’s always best to start off with some mild self deprecation and work into the “humble brags” however not humble they may be, so here goes:

Honestly, there’s nothing special about me. I’m just a ski bum that loves to share my experiences, and help people find out cool information about worldwide ski resorts. I spend as much time as I can traveling, skiing and taking pictures, and the Snow Life Network is my outlet to inform and spread the word on some rad things I’ve experienced in hopes of sparking interest in ski travel in others.

Credentials: 120+ days a season skier. 125+ ski resorts visited world wide. 9 countries skied over 3 continents.


Jake, Jon, Chad, Dexter and Sprinkles are long time snowboard bums at Mt. Hood, OR. Along with their skier buddy Steve they contribute photos, conditions updates and general antics and are avid snow travelers in the Western U.S., shredding a handful of new ski areas every season!

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The Snow Life Network

Ski Town Low Down

Ski Town Low Down is a site designed to give the user complete access to the most information and statistics about every single known ski area in the entire world, all in one place! Ski Town Low Down is a comprehensive and broad spanning resource that creates a great tool for the most discerning travel skier, with every stat you could ever want when researching a ski trip.

Savage Snow Memes

Who doesn’t like a good meme, right? Savage Snow Memes is the worlds first, and obviously best “Ski Meme Dump,” and is jam packed with nothing but funny, inspirational, raw and sometimes raunchy memes pertaining to skiing, snowboard, snowmobiling, and all other things related to the love of Winter, and the disdain for Summer. So go ahead, dive into the Meme Stream!


Local Freshies

As an associate of Snow Life, Local Freshies strives to go beyond the stats, and truly give its readers the full and in depth “Local’s Insight” about what to do and see in ski towns all around the U.S. and Canada.
Local Freshies features the latest news, travel tips, destination guides, and inspiration so that you can “Be a Local Wherever You Go!” Visit