Best Ski Trail Signs (Part #2)

A photographic collection of some of the world’s most unique ski trail names


Volume #2

Funny ski trail signs:

I’ve been lucky and adventurous enough over the years to ski a lot of different places, and one of the things that really seems to catch my eye when I’m exploring a new ski resort is the trail names. Whether they are amusing in some way, or give homage to something regionally specific or even if they are slightly intimidating, I like to try them all, and of course snap a picture for good measure! So, since you’re here, go ahead and keep scrolling to check out some of the most unique ski trail sign names anywhere to be found. All pictures are original photography by Snow Life LLC© Article by: ~Zack Phelan~

Funny trail sign

Big Mamma

-This trail name is a little puzzling. Did someone proclaim “wow that’s a big mama” in regards to the size of the mountain face that calls this trail name home? Perhaps. Or was there really a physical incarnation of this trail name in the form of a large lady that would ski or ride here? Whatever the origin, this bemusing ski sign can be found at Porters Alpine Resort in Canterbury, New Zealand. Check out their trail map here.

Blue Bird trail

Blue Bird

-Savvy skiers and riders know that the term Blue Bird is used to describe weather conditions where there is not a single cloud in the sky. Skiing or snowboarding on a completely clear day is quite the treat and provides for maximum visibility and good goggle tanning. This so named run can be found at British Columbia’s Red Mountain Resort and is a nice groomed trail on the front side of off the Silver Lode chair. Look at Red’s trail map here.

Ski trail

Cell Site

-Deep in the woods off of chair #4 and not listed on their trail map, is “Cell Site” a secret run, or does the name perhaps signify that this is only (or best) place on the mountain to catch a cell signal. This odd sign can be found at Sipapu Ski Area in Northern New Mexico, home to the longest ski season in the state.

Trail sign


-Luke! It is your destiny to ski this run! Well, I didn’t meet Vader there the day I snapped this pic, but I definitely took it as a sign that I was destined to try this trail out. It’s not the gnarliest trail I’ve ever skied, but it certainly did not disappoint, and the fact that you have to flat track a little bit to get to it speaks to its rewarding powder stashes. “Destiny” can be found at Oregon’s Willamette Pass Ski. Check out their trail map here.

Ski trail sign

Gong Show

-Hockey players will recognize this term, which basically means a chaotic disaster, or a nicer way of saying shit show. This was also the name of a television talent show from the 1970’s, although I’m sure Silverstar Mountain Resort named this run after the former meaning. I had the balls and the curiosity to try out Gong Show run on the day I took this photo, and it did not disappoint. Much like the rest of the badass terrain at SS, this run is narrow and tree lined on both sides with tons of powder turns and a steep pitch. Check out their trail map here.

Frosty trail sign

Leap of Faith

-You would think a run name like this would be found next to a big cornice, or a cliff area that mandatory air was needed to access it. Unfortunately these big mountain features don’t quite exist at the modest Hoodoo Ski Area in Western Oregon, and this trail name basically applies to leaving the groomed trail to try something new. Leap of Faith can be found looker’s right from the Hodag chair and is a steep, open and wide run that returns you to the bottom of the resort. Check out their trail map here.

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Ski trail sign

No Joke

-Another gem of a trail name from Northern Idaho’s Schweitzer Mountain, the No Joke trail is a sneaky little run in the Outback Bowl right next to legendarily named runs “Glade-iator” and “Revenge.” It’s a narrow off-piste trail that serves as a short cut for a winding blue groomed trail. Check out Schweitzer’s trail map here.

Ski trail sign

No Names

-I guess this is what happens when you just run out of creativity, or perhaps all meaningful trail monikers had been exhausted by the time they got to this, or maybe the terrain is so good that you just don’t give a shit what it’s called. Whatever the reason, failing to name a set of trails so hard that you name it “No Names” is pretty funny in my book. If you’ve never checked out this epic terrain on a super dry powder day at Colorado’s legendary Steamboat Resort, then you’re missing out! Check out their trail map here.

Ski trail sign


-Arguably the steepest and most challenging terrain in Tahoe, that absolutely no one outside of Reno seems to know about, the Chutes at Nevada’s Mt. Rose are truly a treat for experienced skiers and snowboarders. This aptly named trail “Playground” rings true to many powderhounds, as a snowy mountain with steep runs can make us as gleeful as a child again. If you’ve never skied Mt. Rose, put it on your list, and check out their trail map here.

Funny ski trail sign

Psycho Path

-Many unique trail names can be found at Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, and while I consider myself a reasonably sane person, I couldn’t help but to try this trail out when I ran across it. It’s a quick hitter, heavily forested on both sides, with the only “out” being down. The run is usually moguled and shaded, so not icy but it takes a good skier to make it through. See if you can find it on the lower mountain at the Taos trail map here.

Ski trail sign


-While not quite as creative in their naming as neighboring Aspen Highlands, the original Aspen Mountain certainly has several amusing trail names of their own. Including “Pussyfoot” which is an ungroomed single black diamond that winds it’s way from the summit through the trees amidst a sea of blues. As with most of the Advanced terrain at Aspen, it’s not a run you’ll want to Pussyfoot around with. Check out the trail map here.

Ski trail sign


-Utah’s Eagle Point is quite possibly the most bizarre ski area I have ever visited, and that’s saying a lot. I could expound, but I’ll save that for another article. Their are certainly several odd trail names here, but “Satisfaction” is one of the good ones. I think we can all agree that a run well skied tends to leave us with just this feeling. This run is one of many similar runs on Lookout Ridge and is cut out nice and wide between the trees with a good pitch. Check out Eagle Point’s trail map here.

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Ski trail sign


-Apologies for the crappy picture, it was a cold and foggy day at Idaho’s Tamarack Resort when I visited this day. “Serenity” much like the rest of the resort is a long and winding groomer that runs top to bottom from the Summit chair. What’s the kicker here? Why so Serene? Tamarack resort faces the oft frozen Lake Cascade and the views here on a clear day are about as peaceful as it gets. Check out their trail map here.

Ski trail sign

Show Off

-In my opinion, just about every run that goes beneath a chairlift for most of its length should have a name like this. I mean honestly, the only folks that choose to ski directly below the lift line are the ones that want you to see exactly how cool they are. This trail, found at Nevada’s Diamond Peak is a prime example. “Show Off” is a steep (usually groomed) run that curves beneath the slow speed quad Lakeview chair, and if your skills aren’t up to spec here, there’s plenty of time for folks to let you know or have a giggle. Check out the DP trail map here.

Ski time

Ski Time

-What time is it? Well if it’s Winter, then that means it’s “Ski Time!” When I encountered this trail at Montana’s famous Big Sky Resort (now includes Moonlight Basin), I immediately asked the friend I was skiing with to take a picture of me below the sign for a keepsake! This trail can be found just below the Lone Peak tram base and serves as a run out or exit from the bowl. It represents a return to on-piste skiing, after crushing some epic laps up high. Check out the Big Sky trail map here.

Ski trail sign

Snorkel Glades

-If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, you know what it means to “get out the snorkel,” that means the powder is deep, really deep! Snorkel Glades is one of many amazing tree skiing zones in Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s North Bowl. Check out their trail map here.

Steep and Deep

Steep & Deep

-A trail sign so nice, I had to post it twice! This one however (here in part 2) resides on Kellogg Peak at Idaho’s Silver Mountain. This trail can be found immediately left from the top of Chair #2 and is a coveted first tracks run on powder days. Check out the Silver Mt. trail map here.

Funny trail sign

Terrible Edith

-Now I don’t know who this Edith was, or what she did to terrorize the poor folks at Silver Mountain in Idaho, but it must have been pretty bad to get a trail named after you like this. “Terrible Edith” is a very long and skinny run just behind the summit gondola house that dumps all the way down into the next bowl as it links into a blue groomer much further down the mountain. Check it out on the Silver trail map here.

Tunnel of Love trail

Tunnel of Love

-The “Tunnel of Love” trail can be found at the little known Beaver Mountain in Northern Utah. And while in reality it’s less of a tunnel and more of a gully, it never the less inspires a happy feeling as it serves as the return trail for some of Beaver’s more far reaching terrain. If you’re ever on a ski roadie in Utah, go check out BM and trust me, you’ll want to swing by the merch shop on your way out, and grab some of the most original and funny stickers in the biz. BM trail map can be seen here.

Funny ski trail sign

Where’s Bob

-I’m just going to assume that they found Bob, at some point, and this isn’t some Unsolved Mysteries case of a skier gone missing. I imagine this trail being coined from a group of friends that were skiing together and one maybe took a piss break, or wiped out and didn’t want to let on to the rest of the group. This, along with many other creative trail names can be found on the back side of Silverstar Mountain Resort in British Columbia. Check out the map here.

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