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A photographic collection of some of the world’s most unique ski trail names


Volume #1

What’s in a name?

I’ve been lucky and adventurous enough over the years to ski a lot of different places, and one of the things that really seems to catch my eye when I’m exploring a new ski resort is the trail names. Whether they are amusing in some way, or give homage to something regionally specific or even if they are slightly intimidating, I like to try them all, and of course snap a picture for good measure! So, since you’re here, go ahead and keep scrolling to check out some of the most unique ski trail sign names anywhere to be found. All pictures are original photography by Snow Life LLC© Article by: ~Zack Phelan~

Area 51 Trail Sign

Area 51

-Area 51 is a powder laden “Experts Only” zone on the Summit Ridge of Lost Trail / Powder Mountain which is a medium sized ski area that straddles the Montana/Idaho border. The area is wide, steep and mostly gladed, as to the weird phenomena that happen there, I am not at liberty to say. Check the trail map here.

Ski Trail sign at Taos

Donkey Serenade

-The “Expert Only” run called Donkey Serenade (that is seemingly named after a song from the 1930’s) can be found at New Mexico’s Taos Ski Valley which is renowned for its amazing steep terrain and some very unique and thought inspiring trail names. It is a rather short run between some trees and the first run you encounter when making the ridge hike from the top of Chair 2 onto the Highline Ridge. Although the run is not picture, you can see the Taos trail map here.

Ski trail sign


-Dreamline is an ungroomed Advanced run that can be found at the ski area 49 Degrees North in Eastern Washington. The run is narrow and tree lined and runs below the Sunrise Quad chair just off of Silver Ridge. Check out the trail map here.

Ski trail sign


-The Glade-iator run is a reasonably steep and thickly wooded run at Schweitzer Mountain in Northern Idaho. It’s unique name is reflective of the hearty breed of skiers that frequent Schweitzer and it’s some of the best tree skiing at the resort. Glade-iator can be accessed from the top of Stella Chair in the Outback Bowl. Check out the trail map here.

Glory Hole trail sign

Glory Hole / Last Resort

-The Glory Hole run is a wide, ungroomed run at Homewood Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe in California. The run is on the lower mountain, and seldom used, but is one of the best on fresh snow days as you are looking at Lake Tahoe while you ski down. Its intersection with “Last Resort” run signifies one of the last chances to bail out onto an easy groomed run to get back to the bottom. Check out the Homewood trail map here.

Heaven ski trail


-Heaven is a short off-piste run at Silver Mountain in Northern Idaho. The run is just about as far “looker’s left” as you can ski inbounds at the resort and is accessed from the Sunrise groomed trail off of chair #2. On a powder day, this run is quite a “little slice of Heaven” between the trees. Silver has many unique and funny trail names and is also famous for their super long gondola. Check out their trail map here.

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Ski Trail sign

Hoot ‘n Holler

-One of the rare trails on the this list that’s not a black diamond, Hoot ‘N Holler is actually a run out from one of the more steep and challenging areas at Steven’s Pass in Western Washington. So named for the sounds that can heard emanating from this zone of the ski resort on a powder day after conquering some epic terrain. HNH is a fall line continuation for the Rock Garden (Expert) run and is accessed from the 7th Heaven or Hogsback chairs. Check out the Steven’s Pass trail map here.

Funny ski trail


-Another gem of a trail that can be found at Northern Idaho’s Schweitzer Mountain, one can only speculate as to how the Misfortune trail got its name. Stepping out of the summit Sky House or unloading from the base to summit Great Escape quad, this is one of the first trails you encounter when you point your ski towards the infamous Outback Bowl. Was this name coined as a warning to would-be explorers with less than adequate chops? Only Schweitzer knows for sure. Check out their trail map here.

Cool ski trail name

Moment of Truth

-It would be a bit of truth to say that the Aspen Highlands is one of the coolest and most challenging places I’ve ever skied, and while most of their lower mountain trail names are fairly benign, there are a few surprises. The Moment of Truth run is a moderately short connecting trail that comes in the form of a steep mogul field and can be found mid-mountain off of the Cloud 9 chair. Check out the Aspen Highlands trail map here.

Ski trail sign

No knees

Silverstar Mountain Resort near British Columbia’s famous Powder Highway loop has some of the best backside terrain anywhere to be found in the West. Almost all of that backside is black or double black diamond rated, and many of the trails have seriously original and funny names. “No Knees” run is one of these and it’s pays a backhanded tribute to those who chose so suffer through a long mogul run. See the Silverstar trail map here.

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Funny ski trail

No whiners

-Now in my opinion, there should be more signs around like this, and not just on the slopes, but I digress. “No Whiners” is a trail sign that can be found deep in the woods at Northern New Mexico’s Sipapu Ski Area.This ski area is no giant, but it has ample terrain and claims the longest ski season in the State. “No Whiners” can be found just skier’s right from the top of the #1 chair. It is a modest single black run that runs almost the length of the chair. Check out the Sipapu trail map here.

Powder country

Powder Country

-Now what would a ski resort called Powder Mountain be without a run like this? “Powder Country” is actually a small “ski to the road” zone accessible from the Sundown chair. Once you’ve made it to the road, Powder Mt. shuttle busses will scoop you up to do it all over again. Check out their trail map here.

Sensation ski trail


-What a sensation it is, skiing and snowboarding. Trail names like this put a smile on my face, because after all, aren’t we all just seeking the same thing from the mountains… that special sensation. This trail is one of many immaculate groomers to be found at Western Idaho’s Brundage Mountain Resort, and can be accessed from the Centennial chair far to the looker’s right. Check out the resort trail map here.

Steep and Deep ski trail

Steep and Deep

-Undoubtedly my favorite trail name of all time, which I’ve seen at a couple of resorts over the years. This one however is extra special, because it can only be accessed via a long hike to the summit of Aspen Highland’s “Highland Bowl.” Honoring the legend Warren Miller, this trail is one of many epic double black diamond runs in this zone and is an absolute skier’s delight! Check out the Highlands trail map here.

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Ski trail sign

Sticks & Stones

-Sticks and stones will break your bones, and so will this ski run if you’re not up for the challenge! Sticks & Stones run can be found at Northern California’s Mt. Shasta Ski Park on Coyote Butte and is a long and wide single black diamond run with trees on both sides that is usually ungroomed. Check out the trail map here.

Tasty Glades trail sign

Tasty Glades

-You can find you some “Tasty Glades” at the World famous Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada. The Tasty Glades trail can be accessed on the front side of the resort, just a quick turn off of the Stoke chair, and is actually some of the best terrain on the mountain if the snow coverage is good. Check out the Revy trail map here.

Cool trail name

Tequila Sunrise

-As a big fan of this Mexican libation personally, this is one my favorite trail names and is actually a pretty awesome run too! “Tequila Sunrise” is some of the best tree skiing in New Mexico and can be found at Ski Santa Fe. A mesmerizing array of tall skinny trees, with few low hanging branches to hinder your path, this is less of a trail and more of a zone, as it constitutes an entire wooded area just looker’s left from the Tesuque Peak chair. Check out the Ski Santa trail map here.

Funny trail sign

Trash Traverse

-Now you’ve got to really hate going sideways to give a trail a name like this. Unless there is some other meaning related to actual garbage, this trail was named for its flat, long and relentless nature. As it’s certainly one that makes you earn the powder turns that can be found at the end of it. Trash Traverse is a run at the low key Powder Highway resort of Whitewater and can be found off of the Glory Ridge chair. Check out the WW trail map here.

Ski Trail sign

Why Not

-So imagine you’re skiing along a groomed ridge run, and this little sign pops with some yummy powder behind it. I mean if there was ever a trail sign to make you throw  out your excuses for not trying out a steep run, this is it! “Why Not” trail can be found at the small Rocky Mountain ski area called Hesperus. The run is narrow, almost a chute and it’s not very long, and bordered on both sides by bushes, but is pretty fun! Check out the trail map here.

Ski trail

Widow Maker

-Australian ski areas don’t have a plethora of exotic trail names (although you’d think they would), but one of the more intimidatingly unique trails is a single black diamond chute called the “Widow Maker” at Falls Creek Resort in Victoria. Ski slopes in Australia are not super steep or craggy, at least not by American or European standards, and the Widow Maker is about as good as it gets Down Under. This run is a narrow chute like run bordered on both sides by what passes for Alpine trees in “OZ”. This trail, and most of the Difficult terrain at Falls is accessed from the Summit chair or the International surface tow. Check out the Falls Creek trail map here.

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