Skiing alone

-Advantages to skiing or riding by yourself. 

I get it, humans are social creatures by nature and most of us prefer to do things in groups, especially with our friends. But sometimes those friends and loved ones don’t have the same free time that we do or their interest level in something is not as strong as ours. 

So what do we do? Acquiesce? Sit at home and be bummed out because no body wants to go ski/ride that day or do something fun? Screw that! You want to do it, go do it! I guarantee you’ll still have a good time as long as you keep a positive mindset and are willing to step outside of your comfort zone a little.

I’ve always subscribed to the way of thinking that if no one is available to hang out and do fun stuff, then that’s their loss. I’m not going to miss out on doing cool shit just because others don’t have the time, interest or the guts to do it. I’d rather fly solo on an experience than sit around on the couch because I couldn’t talk anyone else into going. 

Some of the coolest adventures and best ski days I’ve ever had were on solo excursions. If you are skeptical and need a little more convincing, keep scrolling and check my top 10 advantages to skiing/riding by yourself!


Singles Line

#1: Singles Lines are usually shorter

The bane of every skier’s existence, especially if you frequent mega-resorts, is long lift lines. If you’re skiing in a group, you often don’t have a choice but to just pile up in the que and wait it out like everyone else. If you’re rolling solo however, just slide into the singles line which is often much shorter and grab that outside seat back to the top for another lap.

Ski trail sign

#2: Choose your own runs

No need to plan your route to the next chairlift, or stop at a trail intersection and talk about which way to go. Just let instinct and curiosity guide your way and glide down whatever trail feels right. 

Chairlift rider

#3: A chair to yourself

Say it’s some random Tuesday at your local ski area, and all your friends are either stuck working or otherwise preoccupied… Crowds are down and the slopes are empty. You’re lucky enough to grab a chair all to yourself and are rewarded with a peaceful and relaxing ride to the top. No need to come up with small talk, plenty of elbow room, just lean back and enjoy the views. You’d be surprised at the cool thoughts that come to your mind on a solo chair ride.

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#4: Meet new friends

Getting a chair to yourself is a nice bonus on solo days, but sometimes when you’re skiing alone, another solo skier or boarder will jump on a chair with you. What better ice breaker of a conversation topic with a stranger than the shared interest that you are both doing at that very moment, skiing (riding). Many solo skiers/riders are open to a little chit-chat and they may even be a local that can show you some cool new runs or a zone you’ve never tried before or vice versa. Making a new “friend for a day” is a good way to broaden your horizons and have some interesting banter, and who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone that wants to hang again in the future. 

#5: Go at your own pace

You want to lollygag and take it easy, go for it! You wanna rip and ski lights out? Have at it. No need to pull over on the side of the trail and wait for those slower friends or your significant other that you’d normally be obligated to keep tabs on. Just go, it’s that simple, don’t think, just go. 

Rambo run

#6: Try shit that your friends wouldn’t

No need to cater to the weakest member of your ski group. That sketchy double black diamond you’ve been eyeing all season… go ahead and try it. Think you can ski it but maybe not look good doing it? Well if you’re rolling solo there’s no one else around to cast judgement on your style, it’s just you and the mountain, no peer pressure, ego trips or surplus testosterone. 

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Snow Life car

#7: Show up when you want

Not a morning person? Me either. While I will get up early for an epic powder day, most other ski days, if I’m going solo, I’d rather show up “whenever.”  Sometimes conditions don’t call for an all day’er, and if you’re friends aren’t coming with you, or meeting you there, then it doesn’t really matter when you roll up to the slopes. No stress. 

#8: You’re free to listen to music

Now please don’t be “that guy” who skis around with a Bluetooth speaker hanging off of his gear or a boombox strapped to his backpack, no need for a DJ on the slopes. But helmet mounted speakers are pretty awesome, and listening to music while skiing is both energizing and inspiring! Skiing solo means there’s no one to chat with all the time so you’re free to just groove away in your own little world.

#9: SOak up your surroundings

Being on your own (unless you’ve met some new riding buddies already) means you’re not constantly caught up in conversation and you have a little more time to “stop and smell the roses.” The slopes are a great place for soaking up some stunning scenery and reconnecting with nature, and they can be good sources of other fun activities such as people watching. From skiers wiping out or doing cool tricks, folks in crazy outfits, etc… Antics are usually abound and without the distraction of a companion, you’re free to experience it all.

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#10: bragging rights

Had an awesome day on the slopes? Go ahead, talk a little smack. Call me petty, but there’s a certain level of satisfaction that comes with rubbing it to your friends that were too lazy or didn’t feel like shredding. Seems fitting to finish this article with the old adage that “even a bad day on the mountain is still better than a day on the couch.”

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