Best ski lift fail videos

-From trouble loading to falling and jumping off, to lifts failing and so much more. These are some of the craziest ski lift videos and compilations from around the net. 

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Failure to launch

Brought to you by the Epic Ends Channel, this video is full of skiers and snowboarders that are not quite so adept at loading ski lifts and hilarity ensues as their loading failures are captured on video. 


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Scary chairlift rollback

This video is from a few years ago at a South American ski area. The chair was stopped, but the breaks were not applied, so it suffered a rollback that ended up injuring 8 skiers. No one perished and everyone recovered. The result of the investigation was that it was human error that caused the incident. 

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T-bar lift fails

This video is provided by Dejan Kovacic and the theme here is all about T-bars. This type of surface drag lift is not very prevalent in North America and for those who are not used to it, they take a little getting used to. As you can see in this fail video.

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Falling off of ski lifts

This video for the media company This Is Happening features skiers and snowboarders that just can’t seem to stay on the lifts. From dropping off lifts on accident to getting off too early and epic bails, it’s all here. 

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Kid wipes out lift line

This video went viral a few weeks ago when a young and inexperienced European snowboarder failed to control himself on a t-bar surface lift and his ensuing accident ended up wiping out the entire line of skiers and riders behind him. 

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